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What You Missed This Week in La Gaceta

La Gaceta Endorses
Hillary Rodham Clinton
U.S. Senator
Patrick Murphy
Congress District 12
Robert Matthew Tager
Congress District 14
Kathy Castor
Congress District 15
No Endorsement
Congress District 16
Jan Schneider
State Attorney
Andrew Warren
State Senate District 18
Bob Buesing
State Senator District 19
Darryl Ervin Rouson
State House District 58
Dan Raulerson
State House District 59
Rena Frazier
State House District 60
David Singer
State House District 63
Shawn Harrison
State House District 70
Wengay “Newt” Newton
Clerk of the Circuit Court
Pat Frank
Property Appraiser
Bob Henriquez
County Commission District 1
No Endorsement
County Commission District 6
Pat Kemp
Retain Justices to Supreme Court
“Yes” to all three
Retain Judges in District Court of Appeal
“Yes” to all 10
Circuit Judge
Melissa Polo
School Board Member District 5
Joe Jordon-Robinson
School Board Member District 7
Cathy James
Tampa City Council
Gene Siudut
Constitutional Amendment 1
Constitutional Amendment 2
No Endorsement
Constitutional Amendment 3
Constitutional Amendment 5
Referendum City of Tampa

From As We Heard It, by Patrick Manteiga

► State Senate District 18
Voters have four choices in this open seat. There are two candidates not affiliated with a party, Joe Redner and Sheldon Upthegrove. There is a Democrat, Bob Buesing and a Republican, Dana Young.
Young is not our choice. During her first campaign for the House in 2010, she approved mailers featuring her laying on the Constitution with a rifle and another featuring Hispanics in a truck driving down a dusty road in the desert with the copy ranting about anti-immigration. We wrote harshly about her campaign. She hasn’t returned a call ever since. Starting your political career as a gun-toting bigot who is thin skinned puts her low on my scale of supportable Republicans.
We like Joe Redner. He is smart, independent and unafraid. He’d likely vote along the line of the Democratic Caucus and on social issues, environment and healthcare, he would likely be to the left of them. Redner would be fun to watch.
Bob Buesing is a nice guy. He’s an attorney who has always been passionate about public policy when it involves children.
He and his wife have two children and have opened their home to six more children who needed a home.
He’s volunteered mostly with organizations that focus on children. He wants to take his passion for Florida’s children to Tallahassee.
We want to help him.
La Gaceta confidently endorses Bob Buesing for State Senate District 18.(to read more, buy a paper)

► School Board District 7
Lynn Gray is a teacher, marathon runner, former acrobatic parachutist and gosh knows what else. Every time we speak with her, we learn something new. We know she is very passionate about education and wants to fix our long list of problems.
Cathy James also is committed to public education. She is an accountant and believes that skill will allow her an advantage in combing over the budget.
We always find School Board candidates who want more parental involvement, great teachers, safe schools and motivated students. The details of how to achieve these things is where candidates start to struggle.
Gray has more passion. James is more focused and detail oriented. The latter is likely more necessary to create change.
La Gaceta endorses Cathy James for School Board District 7.(to read more, buy a paper)

► Tampa City Council District 7
There are six candidates in this race – Jim Davison, Orlando Gudes, Avis Simone Harrison, Gene Siudut, Cyril Spiro and Luis Viera.
We are totally biased in this race. Gene Siudut has worked at La Gaceta for 17 years. In a small business, co-workers feel like family. We always support family.
Our support of Siudut is also based on him being ready to run for office. He shared with us years ago his desire to serve and we encouraged him to pay his dues. He’s volunteered for government boards. He’s learned about the city and its players. He’s given back by volunteering for charity and civic causes.
Tampa City Council needs people who are smart and brave. He’s both. It needs members who demand that spending is done wisely and that staff is honest and transparent with the Council. Siudut is no shrinking violet and will offer improvement where needed, oppose bad policy and work as a team for a better Tampa.
He has a plan to help create stronger neighborhoods in his district of New Tampa and North Tampa. His plan helps unite Tampa with its forgotten north district. New Tampa believes it’s in Wesley Chapel. That’s got to change. Siudut will help bring that change.
La Gaceta proudly endorses one of its own, Gene Siudut, for Tampa City Council District 7.(to read more, buy a paper)

From Chairman of the Bored, by Gene Siudut

► … She explained that the common thing to do in Tampa was to have a hurricane party, and in order to do that all we needed to have was alcohol and maybe some batteries for a radio. (Back then, devices called radios existed and they could be powered by batteries.)
Concerned about potential damage, flooding, being trapped and potentially drowning or being blown away to the Land of Oz, we pressed about how else we might prepare.
She brought us over to her place and showed us her windows. They had two long strips of masking tape across them in an “X” pattern. She said that in case of powerful winds, the tape would hold the glass. It sounded insane, but she had the experience, we did not.
Fast forward to hurricane day. We were stocked with the finest $5.99 12-packs we could find. We taped our windows and waited with cautious optimism that our lives would be spared. … (to read more, buy a paper)

From O’Pinions To Go, by Joe O’Neill

► … Candidate vs. caricature. Debater vs. performer. It was billed as the “Super Bowl of Politics,” with as many as 100 million viewers expected to tune in. It was the ultimate reality “show,” not a Kennedy-Nixonesque “debate” in a studio. Speaking of, anyone else increasingly nostalgic for that 1960 showdown, when optics meant a youthful-looking John F. Kennedy and a five-o’clock-shadowed Richard Nixon – not bluster, cartoon expressions and bar stool interruptions?
The most memorable Trump line: “My strongest asset is my temperament.” It begged a question, one not asked by Clinton. “If your strongest asset is your temperament, is your next-strongest asset your ignorance of all the things a presidential candidate has to know?”
The most memorable Clinton line: “And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president.” Zing. … (to read more, buy a paper)

From Silhouettes, by Tiffany Razzano: An interview with Patsy Sanchez

► Patsy Sanchez, director of Diversity and Inclusion for the University of South Florida and director of USF’s Latino Scholarship Program, has always loved storytelling and writing. Combined with her passion for the community, it’s no surprise that as an adult she regularly shares her own story to inspire and help others.
Born in Cuba, Sanchez, who was named this year’s Hispanic Woman of the Year by the Tampa Hispanic Heritage organization, came to the United States with her family through the 1980 Mariel Boatlift. She was just 13 years old at the time. … (to read more, buy a paper)

From In Context, by Doris Weatherford

► I’m not sure exactly what I was busy with in 1982, but something. By great good fortune, I had an agent for my first book, but she was busy, too, and months would go by without a letter from her in the mail. (Yes, children, we waited for postal delivery back then.) I probably was on the board of the Mango Elementary School PTA in 1982 and active in the National Women’s Political Caucus, a bi-partisan organization that disappeared after Republicans disavowed the Equal Rights Amendment.
And 1982 was the year that our good friend in the Florida Legislature, George Sheldon, lost his congressional race by one-half of one percent to Michael Bilirakis, who ran as an outsider and term-limit supporter. He soon forgot that; his son Gus inherited the seat. This Republican dynasty remains today, sort of representing people who have no idea who represents them. And the district drawers in the Legislature want these newcomers to remain ignorant. … (to read more, buy a paper)

From Líneas de la memoria, por Gabriel Cartaya

► … ¿Qué razones han influido en que THHI haya mantenido una directiva casi exclusivamente femenina?
La directiva del THHI está abierta para las personas que quieran pertenecer a ella. Nosotros somos una directiva trabajadora. Trabajamos arduamente durante prácticamente todo el año. No solamente preparando los eventos anuales sino también analizando cada evento para poder mejorarlo.
Siempre invitamos a las personas que estén interesadas en ser miembros de la directiva a que presenten la solicitud. En ocasiones algún varón ha mostrado interés y hasta le hemos enviado la información para que envíe los documentos que se necesitan, pero hemos quedado esperando.
Realmente es una casualidad que la directiva sea, como tú dices, exclusivamente femenina, pero esto no es por elección. Invito también a los varones a que hagan la solicitud para ser miembros de nuestra directiva. ¿Qué dices, no quisieras tú pertenecer a ella? … (to read more, buy a paper)

From Briznas culturales, por Leonardo Venta

► … El Segundo tomo de El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha, profuso en incongruencias cronológicas, comienza con la visita del cura y el barbero al protagonista de nuestra historia para evaluar su estado mental. El dictamen del cura prorrumpe en el siguiente epifonema: “Dios te tenga de su mano, pobre don Quijote; que me parece que te despeñas de la alta cumbre de tu locura hasta el profundo abismo de tu simplicidad”.
En el Capítulo X, el andante caballero recibe un duro zarpazo al descubrir y, consiguientemente, admitir que Dulcinea es una tosca campesina: “Tendió don Quijote los ojos por todo el camino del Toboso, y como no vio sino a las tres labradoras, turbose todo y preguntó a Sancho si las había dejado fuera de la ciudad”, a lo que Sancho respondió que Dulcinea era una de las tres labradoras. Sancho describe a la rústica Aldonza como “reina y princesa y duquesa de la hermosura”, entre otros desacordes epítetos, a lo que el narrador contrapone “ (…) no descubría en ella [don Quijote] sino una moza aldeana, y no de muy buen rostro, porque era carirredonda y chata”. … (to read more, buy a paper)

From Desde mi escritorio, por Arturo Rivera

► … Nuevamente el extremismo islámico arremetió contra la libertad de prensa, esta vez en el Reino de Jordania. Un escritor cristiano jordano, de nombre Nahed Hattar, fue asesinado por difundir una caricatura considerada blasfema e insultante para el Islam. Este asesinato ha creado tensiones sectarias en Jordania. Un fanático islámico, disparó a Hattar frente al Palacio de Justicia de la capital jordana, donde el escritor tenía una audiencia en los tribunales.
Hattar murió en el hospital a consecuencia de las heridas. Se le juzgaba por haber publicado en Facebook una caricatura en la que se mostraba un musulmán, en el paraíso, yaciendo en una cama con una mujer y pidiendo que Alá le sirviera una copa de vino. … (to read more, buy a paper)

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