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What You Missed This Week in La Gaceta

From As We Heard It, by Patrick Manteiga

► The Foundation for Florida’s Future is on a full-court press to promote and celebrate Florida’s educational gains. The group is visiting media and buying print and TV ads to say that Florida has made remarkable gains in education. (to read more, buy a paper)

► The Foundation is, of course, a Jeb Bush creation and is funded in part by Associated Industries, The Florida Chamber and Florida Council of 100.
This is a right wing educational kabal.
So why this campaign to promote past successes? Why now?…It seems odd to us that a foundation which is supposed to improve education is spending so much of its resources promoting past gains, and spinning how those gains were made. Welcome to the opening salvo in the Jeb! 2016 presidential campaign.
The race is on for the Tampa City Council District 6 seat, which represents West Tampa.
Newcomer Jackie Toledo raised $15,000 in big chunks with 11 contributions at $1,000 each. Guido Maniscalco has $12,089 in total contributions. Tommy Castellano trails with $1,700.
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► Katherine Eagan, Chief Operating Officer of HART, will become the Interim Chief Executive Officer at the Transit Authority on May 2. (to read more, buy a paper)

► This year’s Ellsworth Simmons Good Government Award will go to Hillsborough County Tax Collector Doug Belden. (to read more, buy a paper)

► Tampa International Airport gave a unique honor to a former board member. On April 3, a plaque in memory of the late Steve Burton was dedicated and will hang in the newly renovated Airside F. (to read more, buy a paper)

► Things are getting a little weird in the County Commission race for District 4 in East Hillsborough County.
Rick Cochran hired a private investigator for $1,500. We can only guess that the job is to investigate his opponents. (to read more, buy a paper)

► Republican County Commissioner Al Higginbotham has now drawn a Democratic opponent. Patricia Kemp has announced her candidacy. (to read more, buy a paper)

► USAmeriBank won the Readers’ Choice Award by Sign of the Times Magazine for the Lady Columbia sign on its Ybor City branch at 7th Avenue and 21st Street. (to read more, buy a paper)

► Congresswoman Kathy Castor and Senator Bill Nelson spoke at the dedication of International Ship Repair and Marine Services’ new crawler crane last Friday. The event showed how beneficial a close relationship between private industry and the government is to creating jobs. (to read more, buy a paper)

From O’Pinions To Go, by Joe O’Neill

► Periodically, we hear updates on the case of Curtis Reeves, the 71-year-old retired Tampa police officer involved in that notorious shooting death inside a Wesley Chapel movie theater. We know Reeves was denied bail in a hearing and has another one coming up in July. We also hear he’s confident that the second-degree murder charge will not stick. (to read more, buy a paper)

From Chairman of the Bored, by Gene Siudut

► The bocce gods granted my wish and not only did we play our first game on No. 2, we played all of our games on No. 2. Thanks to our team becoming familiar with the surface, and under the guidance of YCDC Chair Walter Aye, we ended up winning the afternoon title, giving Vince Pardo another reason to celebrate. (to read more, buy a paper)

In this week’s Silhouettes, by Tiffany Razzano, read an interview with Joey Redner:

► But Joe is a self-educated man, his son said, one who taught himself how the laws worked in his favor, and he was never afraid to stand up for himself. In some ways, he was a role model, and prepared Joey well for his own endeavors as an adult, especially his most recent as owner of Cigar City Brewing. (to read more, buy a paper)

From A Libro Abierto, por Manuela Ball-Camurdan

► La Cámara de Comercio de Ybor City celebró la octava edición de “Ybor Aficionado”, el pasado 12 de abril, en honor a los protagonistas de la próspera era tabacalera de la ciudad de Ybor: los puros hechos a mano, confeccionados por primera vez en 1886. (to read more, buy a paper)

► Venezuela es un país de paz, así se estipuló en la segunda vuelta de diálogo entre el Gobierno y la alianza opositora que se realizó este martes en la sede de la vicepresidencia del país. Ambas partes acordaron unirse en iniciativas que mitiguen la violencia que ha dejado a los venezolanos en un verdadero caos. (to read more, buy a paper)

► El Servicio de Inmigración informó que tardará 120 días para tramitar las renovaciones de la Acción Diferida. De acuerdo con ese requerimiento, se aconseja que los beneficiados entreguen su solicitud 120 días antes de que caduque el permiso de trabajo, pero no más de 150 días por adelantado. (to read more, buy a paper)

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