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La Gaceta Endorses:

Greenlight Pinellas – YES
Governor – Charlie Crist
U.S. Representative Dist. 15 – Alan Cohn
U.S. Representative Dist. 17 – Will Bronson
Amendment 1 (Water and Land Conservation) – YES
Amendment 2 (Medical Marijuana) – YES
Amendment 3 (Judicial Vacancies) – NO

Check back next week for more endorsements.

What You Missed This Week in La Gaceta

From As We Heard It, by Patrick Manteiga

► …Business is conducted a little differently in small town USA than the other half of America. Bennington had its policeman quit four months ago. Since then, the town hasn’t had a policeman, yet there is no outbreak of crime. Things are still relatively normal. It’s not easy to find a new officer, the job had been in the same family for two generations…(to read more, buy a paper)

► …Even Mayor Buckhorn recognizes that the special events rules need to be looked at and told us last week that its next on his agenda.
The Office of Special Events just made a bad problem worse. In an effort for “better customer service,” the city will now require payment in advance for EMS, Fire Watch, Parking, Transportation, Public Works, Solid Waste, Stormwater, Wastewater and Park fees… (to read more, buy a paper)

► Our good friend, La Gaceta writer and community leader Jetie Wilds, passed away on Sunday…(to read more, buy a paper)

► The Tampa Tribune asks why Latin America is backing Venezuela for a seat on the highly coveted UN Security Council…The answer is obvious; Latin America is giving us the finger…(to read more, buy a paper)

► Thomas Beckwith of Beckwith Electric had his day in court and won. He does not have to spend his company’s money on insurance coverage for certain types of birth control that he finds unconscionable due to his religious beliefs. He thinks he would be an accessory to murder… (to read more, buy a paper)

► Proprietor D.C. Goutoufas informed us that after nine years of having a retail location, he is now having to change his business model…(to read more, buy a paper)

► The Rally for a Better Tomorrow will be held this Saturday, Sept. 27, at the Walton Center Gymnasium, located at 400 South Walton Ave in Tarpon Springs, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. The event will be hosted by the Greater Tarpon Springs Democratic Club for the purpose of providing hope for the future, inspiring action and getting out the vote… (to read more, buy a paper)

From O’Pinions To Go, by Joe O’Neill

► There have been times – and you don’t have to be a cheap-shotting GOPster to feel this way – when the Obama White House has had an “amateur hour” aura to it. Let’s not count the ways right now. On balance, it’s been disappointing, but let’s not forget that a dysfunctional Congress has been beyond obstructionist…(to read more, buy a paper)

From Chairman of the Bored, by Gene Siudut

► …I am sure she looked at the jacket, which would now be considered hideous, and thought there is no way on earth her son was going to walk around town in that getup. Her explanation was that I wouldn’t want to wear a white jacket because it was after Labor Day, as it was unfashionable. She gave me the option to wait until after Christmas break and if I still wanted it, she would consider it then…(to read more, buy a paper)

From Líneas de la memoria, por Gabriel Cartaya

► Gualterio García, uno de los líderes del independentismo cubano en Tampa, le escribió a Gonzalo de Quesada: “Sabrás que tenemos en ésta a la ma¬dre de nuestro querido Martí. Vive en West Tampa cerca de Fernando. La pobre está ciega, pero está rodeada del cariño que como madre de él se me¬rece”.
El tiempo que vivió la madre de Martí en West Tampa, co¬rresponde a los meses finales de la Guerra de Independencia en Cuba, a la intervención de las tropas norteamericanas en el proceso que concluyó con el Protocolo de Paz firmado en agosto de 1898 y a la termina¬ción de la dominación española en Cuba.
(to read more, buy a paper)

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