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La Gaceta Endorses:
November 4 General Election
Congress District 15
Alan Cohn
Congress District 17
Will Bronson
Governor/Lt. Governor
Charlie Crist/Annette Taddeo
Attorney General
George Sheldon
Chief Financial Officer
No Endorsement
Commissioner of Agriculture
Thaddeus “Thad” Hamilton
State Senate District 22
Judithanne McLauchlan
State Senate District 24
Tom Lee
State Rep. District 61
Edwin “Ed” Narain
State Rep. District 63
Mark Danish
State Rep. District 64
Miriam Steinberg
State Rep. District 70
Darryl Rouson
Hills. County Commission Ds.t 2
Victor Crist and Elizabeth Belcher
Hills. County Commission Dst. 4
Write in any of the Three Stooges
Hills. County Commission Dst. 7
Al Higginbotham and Patricia “Pat” Kemp
District Court of Appeal
Judge Chris W. Altenbernd – YES
Judge Morris Silberman – YES
Judge Daniel Sleet – YES

Circuit Judge Group 8
Barbara Twine Thomas
Circuit Judge Group 34
Robert Bauman
School Board District 2
Michelle Popp Shimberg
School Board District 4
Melissa Snively
School Board District 6
April Griffin
Constitutional Amendment 1
Land and Water Conservation-YES
Constitutional Amendment 2
Use of Marijuana for Medical Conditions-YES
Constitutional Amendment 3
Prospective Appointment of Judicial Vacancies-NO
Pinellas County
County Referendum
Greenlight Pinellas-YES

Check back next week for more endorsements.

What You Missed This Week in La Gaceta

From As We Heard It, by Patrick Manteiga

► Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s campaign took in $100,000 in contributions in 12 days. Most of that came through the Internet…(to read more, buy a paper)

► Tampa City Councilman Frank Reddick picked up a second opponent, Quinton Robinson, who filed on Sept. 25…(to read more, buy a paper)

► Republicans continue to actively lie to link ISIS terrorists to illegal Hispanic immigration. U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter of California told Fox News that, “At least 10 ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the Mexican border.”…(to read more, buy a paper)

► Joseph Citro filed to run for Tampa City Council District 2. The seat is citywide and currently held by Councilwoman Mary Mulhern, who is term-limited from running again.
Citro is the first to file but many believe Councilman Charlie Miranda will run for this seat…(to read more, buy a paper)

► Ariel Quintela and Darryl Shaw recently returned from Cuba. It was a trip organized by the Alliance for Responsible Cuba Policy Foundation and its founder, Albert A. Fox, Jr. The goal was for the two to learn more about the great Cuban patriot José Martí…Quintela and Shaw are partnering on several developments in Ybor City. They want to theme their developments to highlight Ybor City’s connection to Martí and his fight to make Cuba independent…(to read more, buy a paper)

► The Hillsborough County School District received some positive press regarding the reduction in suspension rate among Black and Hispanic male students but the picture is not as bright as the non-minority mainstream media would like the community to believe.
First, there is a huge disparity between the races when it comes to out-of-school suspensions.
Here are the numbers.
White Males
Suspensions ’12-’13 school year — 2,140
Suspensions ’13-’14 school year — 2,082
Decline from ’12-’13 to ’13-’14 — 2.7%
Population in ’13-’14 school year — 35,914
Percent of pop. receiving suspension — 5.8%
Black Males
Suspensions ’12-’13 school year — 4,178
Suspensions ’13-’14 school year — 4,028
Decline from ’12-’13 to ’13-’14 — 3.6%
Population in ’13-’14 school year — 20,697
Percent of pop. receiving suspension — 19.5%
Hispanic Males
Suspensions ’12-’13 school year — 2,717
Suspensions ’13-’14 school year — 2,592
Decline from ’12-’13 to ’13-’14 — 4.6%
Population in ’13-’14 school year — 31,601
Percent of pop. receiving suspension — 8.2%
(to read more, buy a paper)

► …There was then the recent visit by Governor Rick Scott to [Reverend Manuel] Sykes’ church. Sykes said he would think of endorsing Scott. It was then reported he was endorsing Scott. He then had to say that was wrong. Sykes switched parties from Democrat to Republican but he will endorse Charlie Crist. Sykes is already proving to be as bad a Republican as he was a Democrat…(to read more, buy a paper)

► …La Gaceta endorses Barbara Twine Thomas for Circuit Judge Group 8.(to read more, buy a paper)

► …Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services went before the Pasco Planning Commission for approval of a plan to add 16 beds to its facility so it can handle more of these unaccompanied immigrant children coming across the border. The facility would shelter these children until they were placed with families.
Angry residents attended the meeting to try and block the small expansion. Reasons to keep these children out of our community ranged from Ebola, lice, tuberculosis, overcrowded roads, school impact and these kids are illegal and should be sent back. Bill Akin, member of the Pasco County Republican Executive Committee said these children, “are criminals” and added they are no different than bank robbers and rapists.
Congressman Gus Bilirakis proved his soul is even smaller than his height by sending a letter that was inflammatory and failed to support the bed increase…(to read more, buy a paper)

From O’Pinions To Go, by Joe O’Neill

► …The other day the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman was commenting on how much “if-only-Obama-could-lead-like-Reagan” talk there was. He then pointed out that during the Cold War President Ronald Reagan had the benefit of working with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, who won the Nobel Peace Prize. Moreover, the one time Reagan did face a “miniversion” of President Barack Obama’s Middle East challenge in Lebanon, it didn’t end well…(to read more, buy a paper)

From Chairman of the Bored, by Gene Siudut

► …Tina’s takeover of the market caused Movie Man to also expand its business and became Movie Man and Tan.
Being that we didn’t have pay channels in our house, my dad was a frequent renter of videos. We had a pretty big collection of video tapes, but on any given weekend, my father would come home with a stack of 10 or 12 movies. With Tina’s selling pizza and renting videos, this meant a weekend of pizza and movies, which was bliss…(to read more, buy a paper)

From Líneas de la memoria, por Gabriel Cartaya

► Gualterio García, uno de los líderes del independentismo cubano en Tampa, le escribió a Gonzalo de Quesada: “Sabrás que tenemos en ésta a la ma¬dre de nuestro querido Martí. Vive en West Tampa cerca de Fernando. La pobre está ciega, pero está rodeada del cariño que como madre de él se me¬rece”.
El tiempo que vivió la madre de Martí en West Tampa, co¬rresponde a los meses finales de la Guerra de Independencia en Cuba, a la intervención de las tropas norteamericanas en el proceso que concluyó con el Protocolo de Paz firmado en agosto de 1898 y a la termina¬ción de la dominación española en Cuba.
(to read more, buy a paper)

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