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Our History

Our History

La Gaceta Publishing founder Victoriano Manteiga came to this country from Cuba in 1913 to accept a job in the Morgan Cigar Factory as a reader. Manteiga read novels, social notes and local and world news to the factory workers as they rolled the cigars which made Tampa famous.

La Gaceta 1929

A 1929 edition of La Gaceta

It was natural for Manteiga to expand his audience by founding La Gaceta as an afternoon Spanish-language daily newspaper in 1922. Since then, subscribers have depended on La Gaceta to consistently bring them unique views of local people and politics as well as world events.

In time, La Gaceta Publishing passed into the hands of the well-respected Roland Manteiga, Victoriano’s son.

The Cuban Club circa 1940

The Cuban Club circa 1940

The Latin passion for politics prompted La Gaceta’s intensive coverage of the local political scene and the birth of the English section in the middle 1950s, as English-speaking political aficionados recognized the broad influence of La Gaceta. Italian was also added to help preserve the large Italian community’s culture and language.

La Gaceta, now a tri-lingual weekly newspaper, frequently scoops the larger dailies and broadcast media and keeps readers combing its pages for surprising tidbits.

Regular columns written by skilled journalists, in-depth interviews with local notables, coverage of Latin social events, news of the local community, exclusive sports columns, local historical photos and articles, business news and community calendars round out what many consider Tampa’s best weekly newspaper.

Roland’s son, Patrick Manteiga, has now assumed the responsibility of publisher, becoming the third generation to run La Gaceta.

In 2012, La Gaceta marked 90 years, making it the oldest family-owned, minority-owned and targeted newspaper in the United States.

La Gaceta Publishing has stood the test of time and it continues to meet the challenges of today as it looks to tomorrow.

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