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Why Advertise in La Gaceta?

La Gaceta is your link to the lucrative Latin market and its opinion leaders in Tampa Bay and Central Florida. This unique market is made of approximately 726,000 Hispanics in Tampa Bay alone, which is 17 percent of the total market of 4,347,588. This market is large, dynamic, has tremendous buying power and is always growing. La Gaceta can help you reach this valuable demographic.

La Gaceta is our nation’s only trilingual newspaper. Every issue has articles in Spanish, English and Italian. We have served our community since 1922 and are the oldest Spanish-language newspaper in the State of Florida. We write about history, art, politics, culture and local news. Our circulation is heaviest in the City of Tampa but we get to all zip codes in Hillsborough County and have circulation in Orange, Osceola, Citrus, Hernando, Manatee, Polk, Sarasota, Pinellas and Pasco Counties and even have subscribers in 44 other U.S. states.

Why Paid Circulation Pays

La Gaceta is the only paid-circulation Spanish-language newspaper in the Tampa Bay, Central Florida and the West Coast area. Everyone who receives it, pays for a subscription or buys it from a retailer. With a paid circulation paper, you tend to get a more affluent reader – our readers include many business professionals, politicians, lawyers, judges and doctors. With free newspapers there is no guarantee that the publication is wanted by the people who are receiving it. Where free newspapers are often viewed as just more junk mail, a paid-circulation newspaper is wanted, the subscriber paid for it so you are guaranteed that they are reading it. You can rest assured that when La Gaceta is published every Friday, it is being read.

Color Advertisements

Color attracts attention, generates excitement and enhances the appeal of your advertising. You can run color in any size ad. For more information on color advertising opportunities, contact Patrick Manteiga at 813-248-3921 or via email at pmanteiga1@gmail.com.


Entertainment Section

La Gaceta’s entertainment section provides an effective way for restaurants, bars and lounges to advertise by providing added value. Starting with an advertising run of just 13 weeks, we offer weekly placement in our entertainment section. This means that in addition to your paid weekly ad, we will also publish a free weekly photo of your establishment, which could be of your patrons, staff or event of your choosing. Learn More

Social Notes

Births, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and other special times are worth celebrating. Let La Gaceta help you commemorate your special events by announcing them in our newspaper. We can also reserve space for photos from social events you would like to see published. Learn More

Classified/Employment Advertising

La Gaceta’s classified ads are a great way to advertise job openings, apartments or houses for rent, cars for sale and services offered or needed. La Gaceta’s classified advertising is easy and inexpensive. Starting at just $11 per column inch, (about 20 words) you can get your message to our readers. You can get your ad to us by emailing gsiudut@lagacetanewspaper.com, by faxing (813) 247-5357 or by calling (813) 248-3921. The deadline for submitting ad copy is Tuesday at 5:00 pm for each Friday’s newspaper.

We look forward to earning your business.

To Run a Display Advertisement…

Contact Patrick Manteiga at 813-248-3921 or via email at pmanteiga1@gmail.com.

To Run a Classified Advertisement…

Contact Gene Siudut at 813-248-3921 or via email at gsiudut@lagacetanewspaper.com.

Advertising Deadlines (Publication Date – Friday)

  • Legal & classified advertisingWednesday at noon
  • Camera-ready advertisingTuesday at 5:00 p.m.
  • Copy for ads (no proof)Tuesday at noon
  • Copy for ads requiring proofTuesday at 10:00 a.m.
  • Cancellation of advertisingTuesday at 10:00 a.m.
  • Space ReservationMonday at noon
  • Copy requiring translationMonday at noon
  • Press releasesMonday at noon

Submit Artwork
Artwork Submissions

Send camera ready art to:

Deadline for camera-ready artwork is 5:00 PM Tuesday!

Advertising Contacts
Display Advertising

Patrick Manteiga

Legal Advertising

Taylor Browder

Classified Advertising

Gene Siudut