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La Gaceta endorses Beltran for House District 57

From “As We Heard It,” by Patrick Manteiga, Oct. 2, 2020

Incumbent Republican Mike Beltran is being challenged by Scott “Mr. H.” Hottenstein for the East Hillsborough County district.
Hottenstein, aka Mr. H by his students, is a civics teacher in our local public schools. His previous career was as a naval officer for 24 years. He ran for School Board two years ago and learned that Tallahassee wields more control of our schools than our local board. He is committed to improving schools, so he decided to run for the House.
Mike Beltran is a Harvard-educated lawyer who is running for his second term. Beltran is smart, he listens and has shown that while he is a conservative Republican, he’ll cross the aisle when he feels compelled by issues. He is a Second Amendment guy but has sided with Democrats on guns in schools. He supported a bill by Democrat Dianne Hart on prison reform. He also works behind the scenes to make some bad bills supported by his party better.
Republicans will still control the House by a large margin after this election. Democrats need Republicans to partner with who will listen to good ideas and support worthy bills if they are to have any success. We believe Beltran will work with Democrats when he feels it’s true to his values.
La Gaceta endorses Mike Beltran for State House District 57.

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