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La Gaceta endorses Kemp for County Commission District 6

From “As We Heard It,” by Patrick Manteiga, Oct. 2, 2020

Democrat Pat Kemp is defending her countywide seat for the first time against Republican Sandy Murman, who has to leave her present County Commission seat due to term limits.
Murman is accessible, a good listener and certainly knows how the County Commission works, having served 10 years. We have a lot of respect for her.
The county needs a new direction. For years, development ran unchecked and infrastructure lagged way behind. This county needs more of everything – roads, mass transit, fire stations, parks, recreation facilities, sheriff’s deputies and a host of other needs. For too long, the Commission has refused to increase impact fees and taxes. We are way behind.
Pat Kemp is the face of the new County Commission. She has pushed to make development pay for a portion of its cost through impact fees. She has supported a sales tax for transportation. She wants to use a large part of transportation dollars for mass transit. She wants to rein in growth until we have caught up with infrastructure.
Drive on East Bay Road at I-75 to see just how bad it’s gotten. It took years of bad planning to make that mess.
Pat Kemp is the leadership we need for a county that can no longer act as if its areas east and north are rural tracts and places where houses are on five-acre plots. We have 1.4 million people. Urban areas stretch from the Pasco County line to the Alafia River and beyond.
La Gaceta endorses Pat Kemp for County Commission District 6.

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