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La Gaceta endorses Rouson for State Senate District 19

From “As We Heard It,” by Patrick Manteiga, Sept. 25, 2020

This race has incumbent Democrat Darryl Rouson being challenged by Christina Paylan, who is running NPA but appears to side with Republicans. If elected, she wants a “total recall of the Criminal Justice System.” She also wants to hold “public trials for every judge and prosecutor who participated in a wrongful conviction.” These legislative goals are likely tied to the fact that she is a convicted felon and lost her license to practice medicine. She was a cosmetic surgeon. According to Florida Politics, “Paylan’s legal actions are so extensive in the 13th Judicial Circuit, Judge Greg Holder filed a ‘vexatious litigant’ order against Paylan,” which blocks her from filing lawsuits pro se.
Rouson is one of the hardest-working Senators in Tallahassee. When others have left the capitol for an event or party, Rouson is still working in the office. That’s why he is one of the more successful Democrats in a legislature dominated by Republicans.
Rouson’s personal story of overcoming drug addiction is inspirational and gives him a valuable perspective in dealing with the addiction crisis that grips many Floridians and ruins careers and families.
He has served honorably and deserves to be reelected. La Gaceta endorses Darryl Rouson for State Senate District 19.

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