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La Gaceta endorses Henriquez for Property Appraiser

From “As We Heard It,” by Patrick Manteiga, Oct. 2, 2020

Incumbent Democrat Bob “Coach” Henriquez is being challenged by Republican D.C. Goutoufas.
We have a lot of respect for Goutoufas. Deaf at the age of four, he has overcome many hurdles and refused to let his impairment limit him. He graduated from the University of Tampa, ran for Tampa City Council against Eddie Caballero 30 years ago, had a career in banking, raised a family and is a small businessman. He’s been involved in his community and advocated for people with disabilities and is running for office again. This time, he can hear due to cochlear implants in each ear, but it’s limited.
Bob Henriquez is a Princeton graduate, former state representative, helped manage the Department of Children and Families in this area and won the office of property appraiser when scandal caused Rob Turner to lose the office.
Henriquez helped restore order to the office and became a certified appraiser to better his skills. Under his leadership, the office has won awards, reduced costs, increased efficiency, increased accessibility through technology and earned the community’s trust.
Goutoufas and Henriquez are clearly divided on one issue. Henriquez is committed to collect property taxes from some of the tenants of the port and airport. Goutoufas would forgive their taxes. We stand with Henriquez on the issue. If La Gaceta has to pay its taxes, so should big businesses such as UPS and Gulf Marine.
La Gaceta endorses Bob Henriquez for Hillsborough County Property Appraiser.

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