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La Gaceta endorses Morejon for County Commission District 1 in Republican primary

From “As We Heard It,” by Patrick Manteiga
Originally published July 31, 2020

Scott Levinson and Tony Morejon are trying to earn the GOP nomination to go on to November and face either Harry Cohen or Jen McDonald.
Levinson believes the County should be run more like a business and offers that the County should have saved money during COVID-19 and laid off some personnel who were unable to perform their normal work. He thinks leaders need to be held accountable, the County should do a better job and we don’t need additional revenue to upgrade parks, recreational facilities and County properties. Instead, we can pay for them with cost savings. The businessman and executive director of the Tampa Bay Youth Football League talks more about a philosophy of how government should work but does not offer practical details of how to get there. He is sincere and passionate.
Tony Morejon worked for Hillsborough County for 26 years as the Hispanic community liaison. In that role, he advocated for Hispanics with County government, would assist the Hispanic community with problems it was having with County government and communicated to Hispanics the services available to them. Morejon had to work with Republicans and Democrats and presents himself in a calm confident manner. His platform is light on details and offers no specifics on current issues, but we know he’ll be an advocate for the Latin community and that tilts the scales in his favor.
La Gaceta endorses Tony Morejon for County Commission District 1 in the Republican primary.

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